Hollie Holden, Nick Davis, Robert Perry, Emily Bennington and Carol Howe, plus music from Neda Boin

Watch Day 2 (Sunday 1st November 2020) of a delightful weekend of insights, fun and community with mighty companions.

Whilst a global pandemic and world events can seem frightening, they can also be seen as an opportunity to slow down and pay attention to what is going on in our minds. And social distancing does not have to mean social isolation; in fact, it can mean quite the reverse.

The Radiant Love within us can become obscured in a world we sense is not our true home. A Course in Miracles offers us a return to our true home, to Radiant Love. This weekend, our path home is lit by eight inspiring teachers who will each lead us to real vision.

Day 1 is also available from the website Shop.